Exploring Haystacks

A newsletter for the curious.

The Idea

We're all familiar with the idea of searching through a haystack looking for a needle. Lots of people look to aquire knowledge that way. But not the Curious.

The Curious are interested in a wide range of topics. The Curious don't ask people "why would you ever...", because we understand what Sir Edmund Hillary meant when he described his reasons for climbing Everest with "because it was there".

Rather than seeking a specific needle, we prefer to explore the haystacks to see what they may contain.

The Newsletter

Exploring Haystacks is an email newsletter aimed at The Curious. We gather links, articles, videos and other media from across the web (including your submissions), pick out the stuff we find interesting and send it out on a periodic basis.

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Oh, and for the record, I'm entirely aware that the header image isn't hay, it's straw. Do you know how hard it is to find a good image of a needle in actual hay?


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